The Chemistry Department offers lower division chemistry classes to chemistry novices, pre-allied health students, pre-health professional students, AA degree candidates, and or course science majors. Whether you are just starting your college life or are in the middle of creating a transfer plan, the Columbia College Chemistry Team has the classes you need for your future.


Transfers and Degree Opportunities (click on the degree for it’s SLOs)

• All chemistry classes fulfill area 5A for IGETC transfer credit to UC and CSU Campuses.
• All chemistry classes fulfill breadth requirements for area B1 and all but CHEM 20 fulfill area B3 for graduation requirements with an AA or AS at Columbia College.
• AS degrees that include chemistry in the program:
     Emphasis in Physical Science
     Emphasis in Biology
     Emphasis in Earth Science
     Emphasis in Environmental Science
     Emphasis in General Science
     Emphasis in Biological Sciences
     Emphasis in Computer Science
     Emphasis in Environmental Sciences
     Emphasis in Physical Sciences
     Emphasis in Pre-Engineering
• AA degrees which include chemistry as part of the program:
     Emphasis in Elementary Teaching Preparation
     Emphasis in Science


Chemistry Department SLOs

Mission and Goals of the Department

The Chemistry Department endeavors to develop within our community a scientific realization of the underlying physical and chemical characteristics of the world around us by offering the highest quality chemical education available. Our educational team seeks to:
• Raise intellectual aspiration and educational achievement.
• Develop knowledge and apply models to issues of social and economic importance.
• Provide a diverse and comprehensive range of learning activities that utilize existing and emerging technologies.
• Develop a sense of ethics and integrity within our students.
• Contribute thinkers to the workforce.
• Foster effectiveness in collaboration and interdisciplinary work.
• Encourage understanding and respect in academic and human relationships.


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Chem 1B
Chem 10
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Chem 12
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