In spring of 2008, the Yosemite Community College District began converting its curriculum to a web based format called CurricUNET. Modesto Junior College and Columbia College each had planning meetings well in advance of this launch to organize the processes, fields, and forms. As curriculum chair at Columbia, I worked on putting all the pieces of preparation and implementation together but the hard detailed work has been done by mainly two very diligent and technically proficient people; Jeri Perez and Susan Vector-Slape

Over the summer, many people worked diligently to get our current files completely up to date so that the data entry into CurricUNET would be as complete as possible. A deadline of August 28, 2008 was set for catalog listing vs. CurricUNET content to match. I am very grateful to Susan Vegter-Slape and Jeri Perez for all the proof reading, organizing, system verifying and communication to CurricUNET that made our launch a success. On Aug 19, 2008, I received an e-mail from Jeri which stated that the good news was that every course in the catalog was represented in CurricUNET. The bad news was that not all of the courses had content and many of them had unit and hour issues. By our deadline, though, the fields in the catalog and the same fields in CurricUNET were matched and ready for the faculty training. We still had to have the faculty go through and look at the content and objectives areas to make sure those were correct. But, we were ready. Again … I cannot say enough about how well Susan and Jeri have pushed things along and made things happen. They are winners in my book.

The faculty reviewed many of the courses for input errors. On August 21, 2008 we had 37 faculty receive training on CurricUNET from Jason himself (the person doing most of the coding for the site at CurricUNET). Everyone was very excited and felt like this is the right choice for our college. Another 14 more people received training by me personally over the next two weeks. We set a deadline to have input errors reported for correction by September 15, 2008. This task couldn’t be done by one person and the faculty at Columbia College pitched in wonderfully. A large number of input errors were caught and changed to be consistent with current outlines. This isn’t to say the input was done poorly. This is a compliment to our faculty. The input was cut and pasted from several different versions of our course outlines. The data entry people couldn’t be expected to know what everything was and were it should go. So … thanks to our wonderful faculty, our current selection on CurricUNET is the “pure thing.”

Course modification, new distance education proposals, and new course proposals are currently running through the approval process and some little bugs are being exterminated. As of October 1, 2008 there are 15 proposals at various stages. I have received phone calls and e-mails from faculty working on their projects and although some questions have come up, they feel they have had good training and are pretty comfortable with the system. Over the next month, the processes will get fine tuned and details of help menus will be added to ensure that everyone can work efficiently.

Regular course reviews are now in progress and the first round of approvals will be November 5, 2008. Good luck to everyone. Call me if you need help.